Days, Hours or Minutes Between Two Dates (or Now) – Custom Variable Template

The Custom Variable Template to get the amount of full days, hours, etc. between the first and the second date or

Days, Hours or Minutes Between Two Dates (or Now)


The variable template can help you to build triggers in which you need to compare a date of a previous event with the current date. The date of previous event should be in Unix Time, result of

Set Up

  • Go to Templates Page;
  • Click Search Gallery in Variable Templates section;
  • Type Days, Hours or Minutes Between Two Dates. In the list of templates click on the template;
  • Click Add to workspace button;
  • Go to Variables page;
  • Click Add button, select the template from the list;
  • Set variable name;
  • Set value for First Date field. Usually it’s GTM variable contains Unix Time. For example it can be a 1st Party Cookie GTM Variable with the name cookie.previous_event_time. Put the name of the variable like this {{cookie.previous_event_time}};
  • If you need to compare with the current time set the Compare to to Now. If you need to compare with a second date, select Other date and put the date or GTM Variable with the date in Second date field;
  • Set the Time Unit, by default it sets to Days. But if you need to compare dates in hours, minutes or seconds – please change Time Unit filed;
  • Click Save button;
  • Now you can use the new variable in triggers and compare the value using greater than or less than operators with a needed amount of days (or other time units based on your setup).

Use Cases

  • Create trigger on login event but X days after registrations
  • Create trigger on purchase event in the same day as previous purchase
  • Create trigger on purchase event but not less than X days after visiting blog